Monday, November 21, 2016

Needing the Lord

Hey everyone, I realize that I haven't uploaded a post in a really long time. I recently turned fourteen and I am going to high school. It's around this time that I really need God in my life.
Everyone has to deal with pain, stress, hurt. I know that I'm not the only one out there who is suffering. I know that a lot of people need someone to talk to, someone to listen to how hard there life is. What's the first thing you go to when you get home from a long, hard day? Its's not a trick question. I honestly go to Netflix and chocolate. Because that's what I think that I need. The problem is, the next day I'm still depressed, I'm still stressed. No amount of M&M's and the Flash fixed that. I've realized that I only go to God when I am REALLY hurting. Like when my brother died, or when my sister was in the hospital. I hardly ever go to God for something like a hard day at school. Instead I go to material things. I count on them to make me feel better and they do, for a couple of hours, Then I'm back to being really stressed. They never last. The only thing that fills me up with joy and peace is going to the LORD. God is the only thing that will never disappoint you, I know what your thinking: "What about when we go through something horrible? Where is God then?".
Here's my answer: God has a plan. He may not let you in on it. You may not feel better for a while, but every trial that you go through, it makes you stronger in your faith. If my brother hadn't died, I wouldn't be as close to him or my family. If my sister hadn't gone to the hospital, I wouldn't have realized just how much I need her in my life.
God always knows what he is doing. He isn't just doing it for fun. He has a great plan.
I'm gonna repeat it: God doesn't disappoint. He never will. You may think that he has at the time but eventually he will come through, and you will see that it was meant to be.
So, who will you go to for help?

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